H.E. Madam Aminata Maiga Keïta


First Lady of the Republic of Mali

H.E. Madam Aminata Maiga Keïta, First Lady of Mali since September 2013, workedas an Assistant to the Secretary General of the African, Caribbean and PacificGroup of States in Brussels (1974/1983) and as a Deputy Administrator in chargeof Administration and Personnel at UNICEF Mali (1984/1993). She is the Presidentand Founding Member of the NGO named “AGIR pour l’Environnement et la Qualitéde la Vie », (Operation SOS ZOO in 1994 became AGIR pour l’Environnement etla Qualité de la Vie in 1997 and the latter becamea NGO in June 2003).
TheNGO AGIR has cross-cutting activities on all aspects of life and especially on theprotection of the environment, sanitation, health, environmental education andthe promotion of a viable human settlement model through citizenship educationand on the creation of the Environment House and its branches as well. Thepilot programme of a mechanical condom vending machine, one of the HealthComponents of the NGO-AGIR, is part of the national fight against STDs andthe promotion of family planning. As part of the implementation of the OAFLAstrategic plan, the First Lady of Mali intends to personally participate in thePrevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS- PMTCT. This programwill be primarily based on awareness creation, advocacy for the promotion of thehealth of the mother and child.