H.E. Dr. Gertrude Mutharika


First Lady of the Republic of Malawi

The Malawi First Lady is very passionate about issues of health, environment,hygiene and sanitation in her quest to make Malawi a beautiful nation. She is alsocommitted to the health and livelihood of children, girls and mothers for a Malawifree from HIV and AIDS, maternal and child mortality. She would like to see women,girls and children empowered to enjoy equal opportunities. Her Excellency hasa degree in Business Administration and Doctor in Philosophy in EnvironmentalManagement (PhD). Her Excellency the First Lady is a Patron of Family PlanningAssociation of Malawi (FPAM) and the Honorary Chairperson and Patron ofMalawi Against Polio (MAP). With her passion to Hygiene and Sanitation she isthe founder and Patron of the Gertrude Mutharika Beautify Malawi Trust (BeamTrust) which aims at securing policies and practices that will improve health andquality of life through increased access to responsible, participatory and improvemanagement of waste and sanitation facilities in Malawi.